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MOON (feat. Lux Montes)

I remember finishing a sketch of a track and sending it to my friend Lux Montes to see if she would have some ideas of vocals which would work with. The following day (or night), she sent me back some vocals on it and I remember having the gooseflesh by listening to them: it was perfect! I finished the track during the day (or night) and it remains one of the tracks I prefer on this album.

My best friend sent me some cool samples which could work for a track and among them was the one which I used in Misery. I found that this old man sample brought something interesting in this powerful and lively track. For the little story, every time I listen to this track, around 3mn30 (of the original, not the preview below), during the big break, I always imagine myself playing this track at this exact moment in a big festival under a huge tent filled with people and to have this tension which rises, rises and BANG, the drop comes and people get crazy! For the moment this is still only happening in my head but maybe, probably, hopefully, one day it will happen in "real life" too!

HEAT (feat. Lux Montes)

I called this track "Heat" for two reasons: first, the atmosphere of this track makes me think of the jungle at night and the temperature, the heat, the vocals by Lux Montes, all these elements bring something mystic with themselves, like a "vapor of heat" which takes possession of your body and your soul and brings you somewhere else. I also called this track like this because I'm a big fan of the movie "Heat" by Michael Mann which takes place at night and I think that the atmosphere of the night in this movie is very interesting.

KYOTO (cuts by Mr Viktor)
This track is full of references! First of all the name, "Kyoto", because I had the chance in 2012 to travel all around Japan during 40 days and Kyoto was one of my biggest surprise and probably my favorite city! In this track, you can hear a lot of sounds which I’ve recorded in Kyoto, for example, the sound at the beginning which sounds like a train stop is actually a monk knocking on something during his ritual prayer in a temple of Kyoto, or sometimes as background-sound of my voice (yes…that’s my voice…with some effects on it of course), you can hear the sound of a crosswalk alert. I also love this track because I've invited my friend Mr Viktor (multiple DMC World Team Champion) to do some scratch at the end because I really wanted to bring something special and surprising (and also because I love scratch, thanks to my Hip Hop background). And last but not least, I'm very happy that my friends 128db helped me to make a great clip (and of course, thanks to all the people involved in this great experience).

NEIL MCCAULEY (interlude)

When I made this album, I really wanted to do it with all the album’s stuff (an intro, outro, interlude…), but finally I didn't kept the intro and outro, only a bonus track and this interlude. So, like I already said, I'm a big fan of the movie "Heat" so when I created this interlude which sounds like a movie extract, I thought that putting some voices of Michael Mann's movie would really be perfect on it. It also reminds me a track edit from Dj Shadow called "Stem (Cops 'N' Robbers Mix)" with also some extracts of this movie.
Finally the title was obvious, "Neil McCauley" is simply the name of Robert De Niro is the movie.

I'm fascinated by the univers and the place that we take inside. So when I found these free samples of voices from the NASA, I thought that it was a good opportunity to do something with them.
I called the track Apollo 85 simply because I was born in 1985.


After listening to "Apollo 85", you should be somewhere up there and "Encelade" is like if you were in
a spaceship, alone in space and in front of you something amazing happens, something so beautiful, so huge that you can just open your eyes and smile, without thinking of anything, just letting you go, floating until the end of the track. Oh and "Encelade" is the name of a planet, for real!

"Ellebore" is the name of a plant which was used to cure the madness and in this track you have a rise which comes and goes and for some people, it could drive them crazy! But between the rises, you have a deep and minimal atmosphere, like the cure of this madness rises.

JRP (feat. Lux Montes)

"JRP" was first named "Japan Rail Pass". That's the name of the pass that you can buy when you go to Japan and with it, you can use their cool trains for free during a period of time. I called this track like this because it makes me think of a train and once again it's full of Japanese sounds. Lux Montes brings a human dimension and transforms this train travel into a love declaration on mouvement.

EQUINOX (bonus track)
I made this track a long time ago, when I was « Knuckles » (my previous project) and maybe some of you already knows this one but I thought it was the perfect track to finish this album and maybe to say goodbye for a last time to my previous project.


Thanks for listening, I hope that you've enjoyed it as much as I've enjoyed doing it!
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